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The importance of Phase I/II trials in pediatric oncology
Investigational New Drugs - Tập 14 - Trang 33-35 - 1996
Craig A. MacArthur, Teresa Vietti
Clinical trials in pediatric oncology over the past 30 years have led to the situation today where most children with newly diagnosed cancer can be treated effectively, and many are cured. Despite this dramatic improvement in outcome for many children diagnosed with cancer, about 30–40% of children will die of their disease [1]. Although some attempts have been made to improve outcome by increasing the dose intensity of existing therapies, intolerable side effects and marginal increases in cancer cell kill limit this approach. Clearly, effective new anti-cancer agents are necessary to significantly improve the survival and quality of life in children with cancer. Well-organized pediatric Phase I trials to establish the maximum tolerated dose (MTD), and Phase II trials to establish efficacy, are critical to the identification of new anti-cancer agents.
The Case for Pulmonary Embolectomy
Medical Clinics of North America - Tập 51 - Trang 185-191 - 1967
Peter V. Moulder, George R. Daicoff, James J. Rams, Pat O. Daily
An architecture for a CBR image segmentation system
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence - Tập 12 - Trang 749-759 - 1999
Petra Perner
A good deal online: The Impacts of acquisition and transaction value on E-satisfaction and E-loyalty
Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services - Tập 20 - Trang 445-452 - 2013
Anne-Françoise Audrain-Pontevia, Gilles N’Goala, Ingrid Poncin
Separation of Atomic Vapor of Lead in Direct Sampling of Urine with a Separative Column Atomizer
Analytical Sciences - Tập 6 - Trang 471-472 - 1990
Masaaki Yanagisawa, Kazuo Katoh, Kuniyuki Kitagawa
On vertex disjoint cycles of different lengths in 3-regular digraphs
Discrete Mathematics - Tập 338 - Trang 2485-2491 - 2015
Ngo Dac Tan
Evaluation of balloon angioplasty of coarctation restenosis by magnetic resonance imaging
American Journal of Cardiology - Tập 60 - Trang 343-345 - 1987
Renate L. Soulen, Jean Kan, Sally Mitchell, Robert I. White
Human health outcomes of a restored ecological balance in African agro-landscapes
Science of the Total Environment - Tập 775 - Trang 145872 - 2021
D.D. Burra, J. Pretty, P. Neuenschwander, Z. Liu, Z.R. Zhu, K.A.G. Wyckhuys
Book reviews
Jewish History - Tập 11 Số 2 - Trang 117-131 - 1997
Rosenfeld, Ben-Zion, Gutwein, Daniel, Michman, Dan, Lazare, Lucien, Bankier, David, Liebman, Charles S., Spectre, Barbara
As Leveduras e a Antibiose
Mycopathologia - Tập 33 Số 3 - Trang 269-272 - 1967
Joly, S.
This paper deals with a yeast from a dog skin infection that has shown antibiotic action against Gram negative and Gram positive bacteria asEscherichia coli, Salmonella typhosa, Bacillus subtilis andStaphylococcus aureus. No action has been observed againstCandida albicans. In order to reach its taxonomic position, morphological and physiological tests were made. The results suggest that the studied yeast is a strain ofHansenula anomala.
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