Subchronic toxicity là gì? Các công bố khoa học về Subchronic toxicity

Subchronic toxicity là khả năng gây hại của một chất hoá học được tiếp xúc kéo dài trong một khoảng thời gian ngắn, thường là từ một tháng đến một năm, và áp dụng cho các thí nghiệm trên động vật. Nghiên cứu về subchronic toxicity nhằm đánh giá tác động của chất đó lên cơ thể và các cơ quan nội tạng của động vật trong thời gian kéo dài.
Subchronic toxicity studies are conducted to evaluate the adverse effects of a substance when administered to animals over a period of several weeks to a few months. These studies are conducted to assess potential health hazards and determine the appropriate exposure limits for humans.

During subchronic toxicity studies, animals, typically rodents, are exposed to the substance of interest on a daily basis for a specified duration. The duration of the study can vary depending on the substance being tested and regulatory requirements. The animals are closely monitored for any signs of toxicity and changes in various parameters such as body weight, food and water consumption, clinical signs, organ weights, hematological and biochemical parameters, and histopathological examinations.

The primary objective of subchronic toxicity studies is to provide information on the effects of repeated exposures to the substance and identify target organs or systems that may be susceptible to toxicity. This data helps in determining safe levels of exposure for humans and establishing guidelines for occupational and environmental exposures.

The findings from subchronic toxicity studies can provide valuable insights into potential adverse health effects that may occur with prolonged or repeated exposures to a substance. This information is crucial for assessing the risk associated with the substance and aids in the development of safety guidelines, regulatory standards, and risk management strategies.

It is important to note that subchronic toxicity studies are just one component of the comprehensive toxicological evaluation of a substance. Other types of studies, such as acute toxicity, chronic toxicity, and carcinogenicity studies, may also be conducted to provide a complete profile of the toxicological effects of a substance.

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