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Objectives: To evaluate the histological diagnostic results using stereotactic biopsy of supratentorial tumors at Military Hospital 103. Subjects and methods: A retrospective cross-sectional study on 9 stereotactic biopsies of supratentorial tumors at Military Hospital 103 from 6/2021 - 9/2022. Results: 9 patients in the study included 5 men and 4 women, aged from 29 to 79 years old. The clinical features were dominated by headache (77%), hemiplegia (22.2%), and epilepsy (11.1%). The deep lesions (capsula interna lesions and thalamic lesions) were 44.4%. The histological diagnostic accuracy rate was 88.9%. Histological types include low-grade astrocytoma (44.4%), high-grade astrocytoma (11.1%), oligodendroglioma (11.1%), lymphoma (22.2%), metastatic carcinomas (0%), and brain tissue (11.1%). The mortality rate was 0%. Conclusion: Stereotactic biopsy of supratentorial tumors is a safe procedure that provides a very accurate histological diagnostic result with a low incidence of complications and mortality rate.

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