Wine and music: diversification with investments of passion

Ross Ackerman 1, Truong Xuan Duong1
1Ivy College of Business, Iowa State University, Ames, USA

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Investors buy “investments of passion” – like classic cars, stamp collections, and art – for personal interest ahead of any financial benefits. This research aims to study the convergence of the two by examining fine wine and music as alternative asset classes. Analysis of each asset includes a history of price performance over the sample period, the asset's correlation with equity markets, the allocation between the asset and the S&P 500 according to an efficient portfolio frontier, and a maximum Sharpe ratio analysis. While acknowledging caveats such as the storage cost of wine, a short sample period, and market illiquidity, this study shows alternative assets such as wine and music can improve investors’ portfolios and provide financial benefits beyond personal passion. 

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#Wine investment #Music investment #Alternative assets

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