The impacts of consumer value and brand identification on brand loyalty and electronic word of mouth: the case of smartphone market in Ho Chi Minh City

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Finding out the antecedents of brand loyalty is an interesting topic. The paper’s target is answering the question “Do consumer value and consumer-brand identification lead to consumer’s loyalty with the brand and positive electronic word of mouth in the context of smartphone market in Ho Chi Minh City?”. The authors used the PLS-SEM (Partial least squares structural equation modeling) to verify the relationship between independent variables and dependent variables using data collected from 320 smartphone users. The study shows that proposed antecedents have influences on dependent constructs. Such discoveries have both theoretical and practical implications. In theory, they support the theory of consumer value and the approach of brand identification. In practice, smartphone producers should provide gadgets with excellent performance and unique identity to keep consumers’ loyalty. As a result, companies will have active ambassadors for their brand.

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#Consumer value #Brand identification #Brand loyalty #Electronic word of mouth #Smart PLS

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