Foreign bank penetration in Vietnam following Vietnam’s accession to the WTO: matching expectations with reality

Pham Thu Huong1, Nguyen Ngoc Toan2, Vo Xuan Vinh3, Bui Thi Ly1

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Vietnam continuously liberalizes the financial market as a requirement for its accession to the World Trade Organization in 2007. This paper discusses the foreign investors’ expectation and their experience when penetrating into Vietnam’s market. The role of the foreign entrants is also assessed. By synthesizing and analyzing relevant research and reports, several important insights are discovered. Firstly, the presence of foreign investors and banks improves market competition, efficiency, and stability. Wholly and partly foreign-owned banks provide the spillover effects in management quality, in the introduction of world standard banking products and services, and in the application of information technology. Secondly, by looking into the foreign owned banks, it is found that the banks’ foreign investors are not likely to play an influential role in managing the banks they invested in. The motive of the investors to control the invested companies leads to their decision of holdings withdrawing.

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#Foreign banks #Foreign investors #Vietnamese banks #Firm performance #Vietnam

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