An assessment of factors influencing career choices among fresh graduates: a survey of students majoring in business and economics

Nguyen Thu Giang1, Duong Thi Hoai Nhung2
1T&N Trading and Investment Company, Hanoi, Vietnam

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This paper aims to identify and analyze factors that affect the career choices of fresh graduates majoring in business and economics. The proposed model of the study consists of four independent variables, which are family factors, personal interests, financial benefits, and peer influences. The results from the exploratory factor analysis and the multiple regression analysis with data collected from 198 fresh graduates show that family factors have no relationship with career choices. Personal interests have the strongest influence on career choices, which are followed by financial benefits. Peer influences show a negative relationship with career choices. Based on these results, recommendations are proposed for fresh graduates, parents, academic institutions and educators, and businesses.

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#Fresh graduates #Career choices #Personal interests #Financial benefits #Peer influence

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